No Pain Dr NYC: PRP, Epidural & Prolotherapy Injections Queens, NY

No Pain Dr NYC: Injections In Queens, NY

No Pain NYC is a pain management treatment clinic in NYC with a goal of providing affordable pain control solutions for residents living in Manhattan & Brooklyn.

Our highly trained physicians number one priority is our patients. We start with a personalized consultation to learn about the medical history of our patients and pinpointing the root injury or cause. By following our proven holistic method of treating acute or chronic pains we can create a customized treatment unique for each individual. With the proper technology, treatments and attention we will help you gain your life back. There is no need to be a hostage to your pain preventing you from doing the activities you love to do.


All of our doctors are highly trained from the best medical schools and experienced in various techniques to treat your spine, head, joints, or veins. They have been trained in the newest surgical methods to have you in and out of our clinics and back on your feet with the shortest recovery time possible.


From one of our 5 offices your pain free life is always within reach:





Long Island

& Bronx.


Back, Neck & Knee Pain Injections In Queens, NY

The era of being plagued continuously by spinal and joint pain is coming to an end. You don’t have to live with the constant discomfort you experience any longer. At No Pain NYC, we have critically developed ways to regain your old self with no risks involved. Our skilled staffs and physicians are ever-present to attend to your medical needs and ensure your recovery rate is rapid. We specialize in the following treatments;

Epidural Injections

If you’re a regular victim of spinal pain, then this treatment is just for you. Spinal Stenosis and Disc herniation isn’t something to joke about. It can greatly limit your involvement in your daily activities and lead to spinal impairment when left unattended. With our reputable physicians and doctors at No Pain NYC at your disposal, you can rest assured you will get better in no time. Our epidural injections are administered carefully to our patients, and we keep constant tabs to follow up on patient improvement.

Prolotherapy Injections

There is no reason to keep having the unnecessary joint and ligament pain day in day out. A visit to No Pain NYC is the vital step you should take to begin your journey towards total recovery. We schedule monthly appointments with our patients after carefully going through their medical history. These monthly visits will provide our physicians with ample time to administer our prolotherapy injections to your joints to aid you to recuperate better. This irritant solution will relieve you of whatever discomfort you feel in your joints, tendons, or ligaments.

PRP Pain Injections

Sometimes, injuries can take quite a while to heal. The pain from such injuries can persist for an extended period. Luckily, our Platelet-rich plasma injections can have a significant impact on this issue. Our doctors utilize the patient’s platelets to hasten healing time on affected muscles, ligaments, or tendons. At No Pain NYC, this procedure is performed under strict conditions to yield accurate results with a higher recovery rate. Pay a visit to No Pain NYC to commence on your path to permanent relief.